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The System of Power and Oppression

How does the issue and the topic connect

The topic of oppression and the issue of climate change and how it then contributes to environmental racism. More specifically it will talk about the system of power and oppression by showing how oil companies make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the United States by producing oil and giving no thought to the people and especially people of color. They do this because they have no regard for them and how their actions affect these people and their lives as they see them as inferior to them as they are unimportant. An example is when during Hurricane Harvey the oil refineries have to shut down which then causes an influx of polluted air. Then because of this pathetic people in these communities that are mainly Latino, live in Houston’s East End which is the closest to the industrial complexes where much of the nation’s refinery activity takes place. It's been reported that “unbearable” petrochemical smells drift into the neighborhoods during Harvey. These neighborhoods and even sometimes within a mile of the refineries’ perimeter are exposed to more toxic air than almost anywhere in the country which was said by a resident.

Cite (Citizen Utility Board)